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Khrami II HPP is the second level of Khrami HPPs cascade and it is of diversion type 24 hour regulated hydro power plant. It uses water worked out by Khrami I HPP, also watercourse from additional flow of the river Khrami between the dams of Khrami I and Khrami II, total watercourse of river Kharabulakhi and Chochiani. Headwork of Khrami HPP II is located at the beginning of Tsalka gorge and power unit is built on the right slope of the river Khrami, at the tributary of the Kharbulakhi, upstream, in 2 km.


The plant was put into operation in 1963. Its installed capacity is 110 (2X55) MW and rated average annual capacity is 184 million kW/h.


It is in a private possession with a temporary management right.

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