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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 19:06



It is obvious that, in many cases introduction of novelties are not in progress in a desired way, that is more due to poor awareness of the population and in order to accelerate introduction of novelties in a desired field, to my mind it is necessary to increase awareness level and quality by creating of commercial-educational center (further as CEC), that will work closely with population on energy saving and ecologically secure materials, devices and technologies introduction, popularization, realization and relevant services. Above mentioned CEC along with providing information on technological novelties will act as a educational-workshop place for the population as well as for specialists and interested circles, will prepare service personal, will promote achievements in environmental and energy efficient fields. At CEC will be displayed modern and last models of energy efficient devices, transport, technologies for sale – this option can be considered as a good promotional step for industry sector and as a result, representatives of the latest will express their interest to supply the Center with high technology products.

Along with above mentioned activities CEC will work closely with self-governing municipalities and interested sectors on energy saving and environment protection projects implementation, preparation of energy audits and energy passports for the buildings and in every concrete occasion elaboration of recommendations and in case of desire further realization of prepared recommendations. CEC will actively support and back energy efficient and environment protection draft law and regulations adoption on legislative, governmental and municipal levels.

In order to implement the above mentioned initiative, it is necessary to have appropriate administrative and financial support that might be provided taking into account that CEC is a perspective initiative from financial view point and at the same time will promote increase of awareness in population on energy efficiency and environment protection topics and their further realization.


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