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COMPUTER-AIDED SIMULATION OF GAS-PRODUCING PROCESSES' CALCULATION. M.Kipshidze, T.Jishkariani, G.Arabidze, N.Bzhalava. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2005. №3(35). p. 24-28. geo. sum. geo. engl. rus.

Coal gasification process, as a radical means of solid fuel technological and ecological indices' improvement is commanding increasingly more and more attention of power engineers. Gasification or the conversion process of the organic component of a solid fuel into combustible gases takes places in gas generators. Hence, consideration is being given to gas-producing processes.

The calculation of gas-producing processes consumes a lot of time and effort. This is why the computer-based simulation of gas-generating processes' calculation finds wide recent application. A block diagram has been worked out for the calculation of generator gas content. For computer program aprobation Tkibuli-Shaori coal-field coal has been taken for the original fuel. The calculation has been performed for the 100 kilograms of fuel loaded into gas generator. The calculation results have been appropriately calculated. It has been established that with increased gas specific yield and combustion heat values, there is an increase in gasification efficiency as well. Ill.1, table 1, bibl.5.

THERMAL POWER PLANT WITH PARTIAL SELF-SUPPLY WITH FUEL. V.Jamarjashvili, N.Arabidze. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2005. №1(33). p.38-41. geo. sum. geo. engl. rus.

The material falls within the realms of bioenergetics. Yearly biomass resourse on a global scale is equivalent to 1,25-109 tons of conventional fuel. Hence, the replacement of the traditional fuel by biomass will produce, along with fuel economy, a considerable ecological effect.

Consideration is being given to a new idea, according to which power plant heat Q can be utilized in green-houses and the biomass obtained can be used as fuel in the same power plant.

A specific case has been shown illustrating the replacement of organic fuel by biomass up to 20%. On the one hand, this means that the new idea is practicable enough, and on the other hand, it shows that the idea is quite promising which will undoubtedly contribute to bioenergetics' development.

The present authors have offered a relative value of thermal energy j. It is intended for use in the designing of additional thermogenerator for biothermal steam electric station.
The material represented includes two figures with schematic diagrams of biothermal steam electric station and biogas turbine of electric power plant. Ill.2, bibl. 7.

ELECTROMAGNETIC PROCESSES, POWER FLOWS TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION BY ELECTRIC CIRCUIT ELEMENTS. G.Kokhreidze, D.Laoshvili, N.Goginashvili, M.Peradze. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2006. №2(38). p.30-42. rus.sum. geo.engl.rus.

An alternative approach was used to set up equations of the electrical balance of the elements of direct and alternate current electric circuits. The energy interaction between electric power sources and consumers has been analized. An essential criterium of the adequacy of physical models to real energy phenomena is their compliance with energy conservation and conversion laws. According to the principle of "current and power directions' reverse", conventionally positive and negative directions of energy flows are accepted in the energy contour.

The contour of energy sourse is divided into two branches - the generating and receiving ones. In the generating branch, the direction of the current opposes the voltage on the terminals of power source. In the receiving branch, the current is directed toward the load voltage. The direction of the voltage vector between the pair of terminals of the power source and the receiver experiences "reverse" in tracing the boundary.

The methodological approach proposed has no need for the revision of the fundamental laws of physics and can be recommended for use in multi-phase transformers and synchronous generators. Ill.8, bibl.5.

THE MODERNIZATION OF 300 MEGAWT CAPACITY POWER-GENERATING UNIT NO 9 OF "MTKVARI-POWER INDUSTRY" LTD WITH SUPERPOSED GAS TURBINE SET AND PARTIAL OXIDATION OF NATURAL GAS. M.Kipshidze, V.Jamarjashvili, I.Jishkariani, G.Arabidze. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2004. №4(32). p. 16-17. geo. sum. geo. engl. rus.

Consideration is being given to the question of 300 Megawt capacity power-generating unit No9 modernization with superposed gas turbine set and partial oxidation of natural gas and subsequent burning of combustion products in steam boiler furnace. It has been shown that power-generating unit modernization with superposed gas turbine set will make it possible to produce additional electric power, making the most of the existing infrastructure and reducing capital costs.

The essense of the technology proposed is as follows: the natural gas used as fuel in a steam turbine set undergoes preconversion in the combustion chamber of gas-turbine module before the formation of carbon monoxide and hydrogen through its partial oxidation under 1100-13000C with subsequent expansion of the gas mixture produced in gas turbine and its further burning in boiler combustion chamber.

The accompanying drawing represents the layout of steam and gas power-generating unit using the process of natural gas partial oxidation in superposed gas turbine set. It has been established that the introduction of a compound power-generating unit with superposed gas turbine set and partial oxidation of natural gas will make it possible to ensure a 50-60 Megawt increase in power-generating unit capacity. Ill.1, bibl.3.

FORMS OF FOREIGN INVESTMENTS AND THEIR PECULIARITIES. E.G.O.Guliev. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2009. #3(51). p. 28-31. rus. sum.geo.engl.rus.

The article presents discussion of various foreign investment forms and their peculiarities. Socially oriented market economy in Azerbaijan is formed and developed based on inalterable criteria of cost effectiveness. Azerbaijan announced its independence and quite quickly integrated in world economy. Oil agreements were signed with more than 20 major companies. In this regard, it becomes necessary to determine the effectiveness of the investment projects.

Components of the investment climate are grouped in a following manner: access to natural resources, development level of the industrial and social and domestic infrastructure, common economy status, taxation system, inflation level, etc. Each of these issues is studied in detail.

Development of oil sector in Azerbaijan will significantly contribute to modernization of various industry fields, introduction of leading technologies, which, in the coarse of time, will attract foreign capital to such base fields as power industry, mechanical engineering and oil chemistry. Bibl. 4.

METHODS TO EVALUATE INVESTMENT PROJECTS. E.G.O.Guliev. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2009. #3(51). p. 32-35. rus. sum.geo.engl.rus.

Switching to market economy requires increase of production effectiveness, production compatibility, initiatives and other features from oil producing companies. In addition, it is important to run analysis enabling to work out the company development strategy, justify the management decisions and reveal the reserves for increasing production effectiveness.

The article also discusses problem of decision making regarding raising the effectiveness of oil and gas production, shows the reasonability of executing production sharing agreements. The so called “sensibility analysis” as one of the ways to justify decisions made under risky environment is published as well. An attempt of analyzing the behavior of total data in changing various factors has been made as well. Tabl.1, bibl.3.

FLOW OF VISCOUS INCOMPRESSIBLE LIQUID IN INITIAL SECTION OF FLAT CYLINDRICAL PIPE. A.Sarukhanian. "Energy". Tbilisi. 2009. #3(51). p. 47-51. rus. sum.geo.engl.rus.

The article discusses stationary streamline motion of flat cylindrical pipe on the initial section. Axisymmetric speed distribution is observed within the pipe initial section. Speed change patterns have been specified against the effective cross-section of the initial section.

Obtained common solution of the task enables to solve particular cases. For that, the values of Ck auxiliary coefficients are calculated for given values of initial speed distribution on the inflow face. Patterns of speed and pressure change along the pipe initial section are then identified. Knowing the patterns of speed and pressure change along the pipe initial section enables to estimate the length of the initial section and power losses. Ill. 1, bibl. 8.


Export of energy carriers, including natural gas, is one of the critical areas in the world economy. The issue of formulating a strategy and developing a specific program in the area is quite topical for Georgia, as it does not extract gas from its own sources and fully depends on import.

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